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10 Reasons Women without Kids Shouldn’t Date Baby Daddies.
July 20, 2010 By joydaily | FILE UNDER: Daily Ranting, hot videos, Relationships

In this troubled economy jobs aren’t the only thing that are hard to find.

Many successful single women find themselves facing the challenge of finding a suitable man to date. Single women without children do not have to settle for anything and we must raise our standards. There are some types of men that should be automatically disqualified from seriously dating. Men that are sex offenders, men that are incarcerated, and men that are “Baby Daddies.” Here are 10 Reasons why Single Women who are without children should not date Baby Daddies.

10. Baby Daddies Will Cheat with Baby Mommas and not consider it as Cheating
For some reason Baby Daddies are notorious for continuing to have sex with their Baby Mommas long after their relationship is supposed to be over. The Baby Momma is an easy access source of sex that never goes away for men and they take full advantage by breaking the BM off whenever they see fit. This is not healthy for any dating situation.

9. Baby Daddies have Expenses Leaving you with whats Left (If anything).
Child support payments, kids clothes, formula, kids entertainment, ect all go to the Baby Momma which is expected. We do want men to take care of their kids but after all this money is spent there are very little ends left for 5 star restaurants, trips and dating. Leaving you with whatever money is left meaning instead of Felipe’s, he’s thinking Wingstop. Or in the case that the Baby Daddy is spending BIG money on dating he is more than likely neglecting his child and Baby Mama’s needs.

8. Who wants to Deal with Baby Mama Drama?
Baby Mama’s will cause necessary (or unnecessary) drama. I don’t wish a dead beat dad on anyone and often Baby Mamas cause drama when Daddy is NOT taking care of his responsibilities and is busy spending all his money on the “other woman”. But there are men who do handle their family responsibilities and are still left with a psychotic baby mother who is bitter because she still wants him and he has moved on. I have had a woman key my car for dating her Baby Daddy and this is MILD compared to what some Baby Mamas will do to mark their territory.

7. Baby Daddies have Limited Free Time
A new woman should never want to come between a man spending quality time with his child and you will. Dating a man with a child will cut into time that father could be spending bonding with his child. This is no bueno!

6. You won’t get their undivided Attention EVER
Say a woman does become attached to a man with children and decide to start a family of your own, you will never have that mans undivided attention under any circumstances. He will always have to be shared with the other woman and the other family.

5. Their Kids Become Yours
I have heard of this situation many times before. A female is dating a man who has children, he moves in and so does his kids. You get a ready made family with all the added responsibilities of motherhood without ever giving birth. A female can get so wrapped up in trying to impress her Boo and his kids that she forgets to even have her own.

4. The Baby Mama Competition
Women Dating Men with kids and Baby Mamas have to compete to win the Baby Daddies attention and affection. If a Man has a Successful Baby Mama and they have a strong history and bond then he will always be closer to that woman. You are the “New Meat” that is often interchangeable and so it is difficult to develop a bond with a man when he is constantly reminded of his intimate past with his Baby Mama.

3. Dating a Baby Daddy is just like Dating a Retarded Person
This is an analogy so please don’t take this the wrong way because I love retarded people and if I were with a man who treated me well for years and he later became retarded I would stay with him. However who goes out looking for NEW Retard? That is simply not smart or realistic. Retarded people should stick together. Therefore people with children should date EACH OTHER. They have the same issues and can relate. Why bring someone innocent with out a Baby Daddy into your world of baggage and drama?

2. You can Choose who you Love and especially who you DATE!
I don’t believe in love at first sight (and you shouldn’t either if you are a logical person). The days of falling head over heals in love with a person regardless of their situation are over. You should take everything about a person into consideration before seriously dating them. Women do not have to even get close to falling in love with a man when you learn that he has children you simple leave the getting to know you process at a casual freindship.

1. There Are Too Many Fish in the Sea for Single childless Women to Settle
Contrary to popular belief there are many single, childless men out there waiting for a successful childless woman to date. You do not have to settle for the baggage, stress, competition or guilt that can come along with dating a man with children. Also single women should embrace their loneliness and realize that you can do bad all by yourself. For it is better to be lonely and happy than dating and miserable!

  • Anonymous

    Love This….I truly believe if you have kids you should find a partner with kids, so they’ll understand what you have to deal with… I’m childless & I think I could’nt ever date a man with a child or children…It’s just my preference… #teamsingle&childless

  • Dirtjumpd

    So hope you get left high and dry after having youre child and see how the tune changes. Seems to me a lot of peeps don’t take care of they’re children nowadays and women sit scratching they’re heads. Well maybe it has something to do with female double standards to the fact that if you meet a man that already takes care of his offspring then it might be a sure fire sign that you will have a father in the case you have children with him

  • laura

    loved it.. I am 22 and I was dating a guy with a little 6 years old and believe me is not worth it at all! all the money was for his little kid and he always said please understand my situation we can eat at home but my money is for her.. all his world.was around the little girl and obviously i was second.. if u date a guy like that forgrt about being priority.. so forget it if you are being childless, attractive and smart run away asap!!!

  • ChildlessandIknowit

    Have to disagree with you. This really isn’t about double standards at all. I think that most single, childless men should also apply these rules. It really comes down to preferences and considering a more complex situation than when you don’t have kids. Now, if a childless person does the assessment and enters into a relationship with a person who has kids, great. However, if they can’t, they shouldn’t be judged at selfish. Kids are amazing, but they complicate a relationship. It seems to me with the number of people that already have kids, there are plenty of folks for this population to date. Worrying about whether or not a childless person won’t date you is wasted energy. Oh…and continue taking care of your kids.

  • Jess

    Love this article. It’s great and it’s true. Just dumped a guy with three kids because by the time I counted him, the kids, the baby momma and his job, I was coming in at #7. I want to be a priority and that’s way too many people and things ahead of me. Kids should come first, yeah, but guys can use them as excuses for not getting too close to you, and there’s too much opportunity for the parents to reconcile. I don’t need that in my life and I don’t need to settle. I deserve the best and playing second (or seventh) fiddle is not any kind of a life. I don’t want my life dictated by some woman just because she had a guy’s kids. I’m glad I got out before he had a chance to do even more damage than he already did. I caught him in lies and that was the end of that. The good news is that his daughters will end up with jerks like him and then he’ll have to watch them get hurt by jerks and liars and we’ll see how he feels then. Karma, baby. It’s a bitch. My advice is women without kids should RUN RUN RUN from a mess like this. You will forever be in last place while the guy gets everything he wants.

  • Mordova

    Hit it on the nail. I’m currently dealing with a guy who has a 3 year old daughter. Although he has said he and his daughters mother are not together, they have a lot of history and I just don’t feel I can compete. My last boyfriend had two kids and we were together for 5 years but eventually it didn’t work. It’s hard because I am really into this guy but instead of me thinking of ways to make a relationship with him work, I spend my days preparing for him to break my heart. Because HE WILL.