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Keyshia Cole Responds After Being Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting A Woman Over Birdman
September 22, 2014 By joydaily | FILE UNDER: featured, Relationships

It’s been months since Keyshia Cole separated from her NBA husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, and people have wondered if she’d jump back in the dating pool–but we would have never guessed it would be with Birdman.

It seems as though Keyshia Cole has learned an important lesson after her arrest last week; ‘You can’t force love’

On Friday, we were all dumbfounded when news broke that the ‘(Next Time) Won’t Give My Heart Away’ singer was arrested after allegedly assaulting a woman that she found in Birdman’s crib at 5am. It’s hard to tell which news was bigger, her arrest, or the fact that she was dating the Cash Money Boss Man, but this entire fiasco will definitely make for some interesting album material.

At any rate, although, she hasn’t spoken out on the arrest just yet, Keyshia posted to her Instagram on Saturday:

Man love is a muthaf-cka
She also posted a message (which she later deleted), that read:

“And finally you realize…you cant force it to be something. You can’t force consistency, loyalty or even honesty… You can’t force them to keep their word or to communicate, or to realize something special is in front of them.”
At this point, it sounds as though she’s experiencing similar issues with ‘Baby’ as she was in her marriage to Daniel Gibson. What gives???

Meanwhile, the woman that she assaulted is claiming that she is not Birdman’s side chick. In fact, she sources are saying that she has been an employee of Cash Money for the last 10 years, and she believes this is all one big misunderstanding. Via TMZ:

We’re told Sabrina (Mercadel) was not alone with Birdman at his West L.A. condo … 4 others were present when Keyshia came storming in at around 5 AM.

Our sources say Sabrina was walking out of the bathroom when Cole spotted her in the apartment … and the singer instantly went on the attack, yelling, “What are you doing with my man?!
Outside of this crazy drama, Keyshia is currently filming a new reality show that will debut on BET sometime this Fall, and she has a new album “The Point Of No Return” which will be released on October 7th.

If the latest reports are true, they’ve kept their love affair way under the radar until early this morning when Keyshia was arrested after allegedly spazzing out on one of Birdman’s side chicks. According to reports, Keyshia visited the Cash Money CEO’s condo on Friday morning and didn’t take things too well when she saw another woman there visiting him:


Keyshia showed up at the swanky Carlyle condo complex in West L.A. at around 5 AM. We’re told she went there to see Birdman — the CEO of Cash Money — who she’s reportedly dating.

Our sources say … for some reason security let her go up to Birdman’s penthouse and when she got in she saw another woman and went nuts.

We’re told Keyshia attacked her … leaving scratches all over her face.

Cops were called … and Keyshia was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant.
Keyshia’s rep didn’t comment on the arrest, but she was later released on $46,000 bond.

Back in March Keyshia mentioned to The Breakfast Club morning radio show that she may be inking a deal with Cash Money, but she never let on that there was any romance going on.

This is actually my last record with Interscope. I was talking to Baby [Birdman] from Cash Money for a little while about some things. I don’t know what’s going to happen with that.
She sure didn’t know what was going to happen with that.

Ladies…the other woman is not worth going to jail and copping a charge over! I may have given that heffa a high five for taking that cheating, dirty dog off my hands so early in the relationship. Boop!

Now, it’s time to get to the bottom of this Keyshia Cole and Birdman news….