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Has Instagram Destroyed Women’s Self-Respect?
January 7, 2017 By joydaily | FILE UNDER: Daily Ranting, featured, Relationships

We all have a friend who is addicted to instagram, and I don’t use that word lightly.

Every day, ALL DAY, you could find her eyes glued to her phone and finger scrolling across the screen looking at instagram pictures and updates. It got to the point that you couldn’t even have a decent conversation with her anymore; if you wanted to chat, be prepared to make room for “insta” in the conversation.
So, imagine to my surprise, when not too long ago I asked her a question about the social media tool (clearly for this article), and she informed she’s no longer on it.
Say what?

Here’s her reasoning:
Instagram became addictive and controlling. You find yourself “doing” things just for instagram, taking pictures just for instagram because you know they’ll get likes and not even bothering to take pictures if you know they won’t be popular.
Say what?
This I can certainly believe, and I’m not even on “insta.” But, through my friend and countless others, I’ve definitely witnessed this attention-seeking habit the site so easily forms. My friend used to tell me that if her pictures didn’t instantly get a lot of likes, she’d like pictures herself to get the likes past a certain number so names were no longer displayed.
Another friend of mine showed me a girl who openly (and proudly?) admitted to liking her own pictures on instagram. Is it that real?
So, I took a look at the site myself and was appalled by what I found. On Facebook, I kept seeing those new “provocative pages.” Pages dedicated to “thick girls only” or “freaks” or whatever else foolishness. And every single page had hundreds (probably thousands) of pictures of women who all looked the same:

Half dressed: wearing a thong/G-string, swimsuit, short shorts, tights/leggings, mini skirts…near nothing (you get my drift)

Poses: to the side, camera angled at the butt. Or a full on butt shot, sometimes bent over. Any pose, whether front or back, that highlights the woman’s curves—thick thighs, wide hips and extra-massive-borderline-injection-looking-butt.

Face: puckered lips meets deer in the headlights facial expression. Almost none of the women are smiling, yet trying to look “seductive” when they’re really looking like “I’m so desperate for attention, but I hope it’s not too obvious.”
It’s ridiculous and disturbing. And this has translated (probably even greater) right on over to Instagram. The site is filled with image after image of women in the same type of attention-seeking, barely any clothes on, butt posing photos. And the “thirst” isn’t just from women; men are showing their ignorance as well.

Tumblr created a sad, yet explicit page dedicated to the “thirstiest men on instagram.” Believe me, it’s sad.
And seeing how the rise in social media has caused so many to “expose” themselves to the online world, I’m wondering: Did instagram (and other social media) destroy self-respect?

Since when did uploading butt shots become the norm? Since when is posting countless half-naked photos putting all your goodies on display to “get your likes up” the thing to do? Have we lost all self-respect?

Why do women disrespect their bodies this way? Is attention from total strangers that important? Again I ask, is it that real out here?
Do likes and comments on a photo determine your self-worth? So much so that you can only put revealing and/or “perfect” filter-enhanced photos on instagram to get attention and feedback?

As I see this new craze on Instagram and other sites, it saddens me. Women are putting their half-naked bodies on display and/or ensuring to accentuate and highlight their curves in EVERY photo like what’s on the outside of them defines who they truly are.
Those thick thighs may catch his attention and that huge donk may get you showered with compliments, but in the long run, none of those will keep a man…the right man, anyway. I mean, isn’t that obvious? For every one big-butt, thick-thighed “vixen” I saw posing, there were 10 more right behind her with similar looking pics. Umm, what makes you stand out from the crowd if the crowd (of millions) looks identical to what you’re offering?

I hope women will start looking at the root of their actions and make adjustments. Why do you honestly feel the need to put your body, your temple, on display for the world to see? Why add your image(s) to the countless others on what’s certainly turning into soft porn on social media?

Women run around crying about how they want a good man and desire to be treated like a queen. But tell me this: what “queen” do you know would conduct herself in such a manner? Do you think Michelle had to reduce herself to such drastic measures to get Obama’s attention?
I think not. Women like Michelle know what’s real out here—and it’s certainly not validation from Instagram.
Writer; Shala Marks