Laeann Amos is one of the most promising and prolific talents in modeling and entertainment media. As a model she has graced the pages of King Magazine, Urban Ink, Blackmen, Straight Stuntin, Hip Hop Weekly, DimePiece Magazine, BlockDymes Magazine, Vibe Magazine and Block Beauties just to name a few. But there is much more to Laeann than what meets the eye. Laeann Amos is not just another model. This Florida native is also a TV Host, Entertainment Reporter for Access Vibe TV, Activist, Writer, Producer with professional training in Ballet, Jazz, and Modern Dance.

Versatility is a must if you want to be successful in the entertainment industry. Laeann seems to have embraced this reality. While marking her territory in the entertainment industry, Laeann is not only a reporter and TV host for Access Vibe, Laeann is part owner. Doing what you love to do and being able to write yourself a paycheck for doing it is a beautiful position to be in.
Laeann is bright and compelling personality is as evident on camera as it is in person- enhancing her already formidable ability to communicate and relate to an audience. Besides the obvious, Laeann is on a mission to teach young women that though beauty is appealing, brains are important. We as woman need to learn that we are capable of being more than just another mute beauty. Laeann is making her presence felt in many different outlets. In her free time she volunteers at local dance studios within the city, helping children express themselves through dance.

I put emphasize on letting young women know that not only am I a on- camera personality and model, I am business woman, and a activist with DARE 2 CARE, Inc. Dare 2 Care Inc is a non- profit organization whose mission is to help improve the educational, health, and socio- economical status of at risk youth and underprivileged families.

In a few words, Laeann Amos can be described as passionate, hard working and sincere to her audience, both on and off camera. She has the ability to block out the lights and camera and transform the most challenging interviews into an intimate one in one conversation. This ability along with her kick ass personality is what sets Laeann Amos apart and will surely help her as she takes a TV near you by storm.


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