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Sanaa Lathan and The Cast of ‘Shots Fired’ Discuss The Black Lives Matter Movement

Joy DailyTV presents Sanaa Lathan and the entire cast of Fox’s new film “Shots Fired’ discuss how the ‘Black Lives Matter” movement is reflected in to the content of this racially charged film. Here the cast goes into all the details of the first episodes and how current social issues were used to inspire the [...]

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Sean Bell’s Wife Discusses Backlash from Law Enforcement with the cast of Shots Fired

JoyDailyTV Presents Sean Bell’s Wife Discussing Backlash from Law Enforcement with the cast of Shots Fired


JoyDailyTV Presents: Cake Soap…. Skin Bleaching in Jamaica ….Full Documentary

Join JoyDailyTV as we travel to the beautiful Jamaica to uncover a strange growing trend sweeping the island. Joy Daily takes a deep look into the world of Skin Bleaching in Jamaica. This highly anticipated documentary is raw and uncut. It was shot over the coarse of one year in Jamaica and it will leave [...]

Cake Soap- Finale

Cake Soap Documentary, Skin Bleaching in Jamaica… The Moral of The Story Part 5

In the final installment of Cake Soap Documentary, Skin Bleaching in Jamaica we discuss the Moral of The Story, the History of Colorism in Jamaica, and Embracing the Qualities that make us unique!

Cake Soap- Part 4

Cake Soap … Skin Bleaching in Jamaica… Buying and Mixing The Bleachings. Part 4

In Part 4 of Cake Soap … Skin Bleaching in Jamaica we follow a Jamaican Skin Bleacher as they show us all the ins and outs of Buying and Mixing The Bleachings. Some Bleachers keep the recipe for their “Rubbings” Top Secret so in this clip you will see all of this Bleachers secret concoction [...]

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Cake Soap Documentary… Jack Thriller Discusses Lil Kim and Charlamagne Tha God Bleaching. Part 3

In Part 3 of Cake Soap, Skin Bleaching in Jamaica, Thisis50′s Jack Thriller tells us what Americans think about skin Bleaching and we also discuss some famous Americans who are believed to Bleach their skin. Watch ‘Cake Soap, Skin Bleaching in Jamaica’ Full documentary exclusively on and subscribe to our Youtube for more Original [...]

Cake Soap- JoyDailytv. part 2

Cake Soap…. Skin Bleaching in Jamaica. Vybz Kartel’s Michael Jackson Syndrome Part 2

In Part 2 of Cake Soap…. Skin Bleaching in Jamaica we discuss Jamaican Bleachers obsession with Vybz Kartel’s Michael Jackson Syndrome. They want to ‘Bleach out white like Michael Jackson’ and is Vybz Kartel the ring leader? Watch ‘Cake Soap, Skin Bleaching in Jamaica’ Full documentary exclusively on and subscribe to our Youtube for [...]

Cake Soap-Joydailytv

Cake Soap, Skin Bleaching in Jamaica…Part 1…Brown and Pretty

Watch part 1 of ‘Cake Soap, Skin Bleaching in Jamaica’ where we scratch the surface of many Jamaicans obsession with having light skin. They repeatedly use the term “Brown and Pretty”. But where did the concept start and does the lack of resources and jobs play a role in their desire for lighter skin? Watch [...]


Joy Daily Discusses Racial Profiling and Bobby Shmurda’s Case on TMZ Live

Check out Joy Daily Discussing Racial Profiling in America and Bobby Shmurda’s case on TMZ Live. Make sure to log on to for all your Hip Hop and Entertainment news!

New Music Video: Beyonce 1+1

Check out this New Video and photos from My girl Bey… She looks Amazing and Joycee as usual! Here is 1+1 from her new album 4

Who Wants to See Snooki in a Swimsuit? Joycee or Not?

Snooki hosted a pool party at Wet Republic Ultra Pool at MGM Grand in Vegas over the weekend and paparazzi got to get some photos of the reality star in her bikini. I think if Snooki can get away with wearing this revealing swimsuit we can all let it out in public! lol Joycee or Not?

Beyonce on The Cover of In Style Magazine… Behind The Scenes Video

Check out the behind the scenes video of Beyonce’s cover shoot for In Style Magazine.

New Music Video From Nicole Scherzinger “Wet” from her debut album ‘Killer Love.’

This girl has the Best Abs in the industry… Former Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger, gets “Wet” in the latest video from her debut album ‘Killer Love.’ Joycee or not?

<a href=';mkt=en-gb&#038;src=FLPl:embed::uuids' target='_new' title='Exclusive: Nicole Scherzinger - Wet' >Video: Exclusive: Nicole Scherzinger &#8211; Wet</a>

Beyonce On The Cover of UK’s Harper Bazaar …. Joycee or Not?

Check out Beyonce’s latest cover shoot in the upcoming issue of UK’s Harper Bazaar which was shot by Alex Lubomirski and styled by Franck Benhamou. Joycee or not?

Keyshia Cole Debuts New Hair Style and Brings her Son On stage in Detroit

Keyshia Cole debuted her new mohawk ponytail with a heart spray painted on the side last night as she performed in Detroit at Chene Park. Keyshia was elated and invited her son on the stage. Check out videos and photos from the heart felt performance here!

Kelly Rowland Bares it All on The Cover of Vibe Topless

In her most revealing interview to date, Kelly opens up about everything from the Knowles in her life to sextoy shopping with the girls.

Via Vibe


VIBE: The last album didn’t do well in the States. It did better overseas, particularly in Europe. Do you feel more appreciated in Europe?
Kelly Rowland: No, not really. People still compare me to B over there. I said in an interview recently, ‘You know, if you guys would be a little bit more intelligent and ask me about myself we’ll have a much better interview.’ You can’t want a story from me and keep asking me about the past.


When you walked away from that last meeting with Mathew, did you feel an “exhale” moment?
I did, but I also felt like, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?!’ I stayed in the house for two days. I was sad. It was like a funeral. I had to deaden that situation in order to start fresh. That’s a very long time to have the same manager and the same label.

What about your personal relationship with Mathew Knowles. Do you still talk to him?
Mathew sent me flowers for my birthday!

But do you talk to him?
It’s… I respect him above anything.


Speaking of this road we’re going on… Let’s talk about the song “Motivation.” I have to admit, the song went completely over my head. I thought you were talking about working out.
[Laughs] No, honey.

When you heard the song, did you think, This may be too racy for my image?
Not at all. Every woman knows what that feels like—hopefully. But everyone doesn’t expect Kelly to sing about it. This is true. But I just loved the song so much. And yes, I can relate to it. I came into my sexuality while I was recording this album. I can walk into a sex shop now and not worry about what people would say if they saw me in there.

You really do that? Go to sex shops?
Yeah! With friends on the low. I go at the right time. Nighttime. 1 a.m. The really good ones are open that late.


Rihanna on The Cover of Glamour Magazine…. Joycee or Not?

Rihanna is blazing on the cover of Glamour Magazine’s September Issue. Are you feeling Rihanna’s look… Joycee or not?

Da Brat Gets Soft and Feminine For Vibe Magazine… Joycee or Not?

Da Brat shed her tom boy baggy clothing, and masculine corn rows for a soft and feminine look when she shot for Vibe Magazine. Do you like Da Brats new look…. Joycee or Not?

New Behind The Scenes Video from Beyoncé: A Spring Afternoon In Paris

Check out Behind The Scenes Video from Beyonce’s Album cover shoot in Paris. Her Body is…. well see for yourself! Joycee or Not?